Technology Highlights

Given the increasing need for fast, reliable, standardized communications in numerous mission-critical industrial applications around the world, RUGGEDCOM networking products are designed to meet, even surpass internationally recognized industry standards. True to their name, RUGGEDCOM solutions are built tough – delivering error-free communication under high levels of electromagnetic interference, in extreme temperatures and over long distances.

White Papers

Download a free RUGGEDCOM VPE1400 White Paper

Preparing for the industrial network of tomorrow

Download a free RUGGEDCOM VPE1400 White Paper

A Smart Solution for a Modern Network

Download a free RUGGEDCOM VPE1400 White Paper

Enhanced Network Reliability with Edge Monitoring

The immense volume of data places a significant burden on centralized servers and data centers. More intelligence and computing power is being positioned at network edge. This white paper looks at a Siemens solution for streamlining, safeguarding and incorporating more intelligence to distributed operations.

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Smart Com required a device such as the RUGGEDCOM RX1400 that could be unsupervised and withstand extreme temperatures, and which could run their monitoring applications.

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This white paper talks about how the RUGGEDCOM RX1400 could be an ideal platform to host Smart Edge Monitoring, since the RX1400 can run unsupervised and withstand extreme temperatures.

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Cyber security

Data protection is a crucial issue in all industries relying on communications networks and mission critical applications. RUGGEDCOM products fully meet various industry-specific security standards.

IEEE 1588 precision time synchronization solution for electric utilities

Precision timing solutions serve to increase an electric utility’s efficiency and uptime by improving monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. They also help reduce capital expenses by converging timing and data networks.

eRSTP – enhanced rapid spanning tree protocol

Ethernet switches forward traffic between ports. The switch examines each Ethernet frame and records (learns) the MAC address and the port upon which it resides.


Ethernet networking technology is increasingly migrating from the office to industrial environments. Use in real-time mission critical control applications, however, requires a level of immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) that goes well beyond what is currently delivered by commercial grade networking products.


This is a new wireless data link technology designed to support airport surface communications. It is used for airport ground applications as well as for safety and traffic control.

Rugged Rated

IEC 61850 protocol

IEC 61850 communications and systems for substations is a standard comprising ten parts that outline the complete framework for substation automation, including EMI (electromagnetic interference) immunity and environmental requirements (IEC 61850-3) for communications networks and systems in substations.

IEEE 1613 standard

IEEE 1613 is an industry standard for communications networking devices in electric power substations. It specifies ratings, environmental performance requirements and testing requirements for communications networking devices installed in electric power substations.

Accelerated & Environmental Stress Testing

Rigorous Tests are conducted daily in Siemens state-of-the-art Environmental Stress Test Lab to produce reliable rugged communications equipment.

ISO certification

RUGGEDCOM has an environmental management system to ensure that its products and solutions are designed in accordance with ISO certification standards.

Class 2 error-free devices

Reliable performance in harsh conditions like those typically found in electric utility substations requires high-grade communications equipment. IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards were specifically developed for communications networks and systems in substations.