Automation Technology

RUGGEDCOM MX5000 Enclosure

The RUGGEDCOM MX5000 enclosure is a tough, welded-aluminum, hard mount enclosure, available as an off-the-shelf replacement enclosure for the RUGGEDCOM MX5000RE.

MIL-STD rack-mount electronics enclosure

Configure your RUGGEDCOM product

The RUGGEDCOM-Selector lets you configure RUGGEDCOM products quickly, easily, and efficiently, by using targeted navigation through selection menus or by entering item numbers. Selected products can then be ordered directly by transferring the parts list into the Industry Mall.

Product Features & Specs

  • Welded-aluminum extrusion construction

  • Welded-aluminum mounting brackets for MIL901D hard mounting

  • Configurable patch panel allows up to 64 MIL-grade circular connectors for both copper and fiber media

  • Integrated cable management for strain relief

  • Removable front panel with EMI glass for service and maintenance

  • Hard-mounted brackets fit standard 19" rack-mount equipment

  • Dual internal MIL-grade high-reliability fans minimize internal temperature gradient with no outside air exchange

  • IEC 60529 IP65 rated – dust tight, water jets