High accuracy graphical ping utility

RUGGEDCOM PING is a high accuracy graphical ping tool. This handy utility can send ICMP echo message and process incoming responses with a granularity of 1ms. Network administrators will be able to perform RSTP performance testing, ping sweeps to automatically discovery devices and capture outage durations for devices.


  • Allows users to test the recovery time of their networks

  • Provides up to 1ms accuracy on Ethernet Switching equipment response times

  • Discovers and probes the responsiveness of multiple devices simultaneously

  • Gives detailed reports of network outages

  • A very quick and effective network analysis tool

Recommended minimum specifications

Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Configurable Parameters Include

  • Device detection parameters

  • Ping sweep time

  • Ping sweep retries

  • Device response parameters

  • Time out period

  • Ping Intervals

  • Contact name