Device discovery & configuration software

RUGGEDCOM EXPLORER is a powerful tool to easily provision and configure new and existing ROS ® based devices.

RUGGEDCOM EXPLORER can run on any LAN based MS Windows PC eliminating the need to connect a serial cable to any of the devices. Its built-in file transfer capabilities allow users to easily upload and download files and firmware from one convenient console..


  • Discover and Configure RUGGEDCOM ROS ® devices on your LAN

  • Allows users to detect and configure IP addresses on non-provisioned or provisioned devices

  • Fast, accurate device discovery

  • Intuitive GUI interface displays all ROS ® devices and visually identifies duplicate IP addresses

  • Automatically discovers new devices
    added to the network

  • Visually identify devices by using RUGGEDCOM EXPLORER to flash the device’s LEDs

  • Auto configuration capabilities on selected groups of devices

  • Available configuration parameters:
    - IP Address
    - Network Mask
    - Default Gateway
    - System Name
    - Location
    - Contact Name