The RUGGEDCOM RX1400 VPE1400. Taking you to the network edge.

Small. Powerful. Wireless. And designed for volume deployments. The RUGGEDCOM RX1400 VPE1400 is a compact cellular router which combines Ethernet switching, routing, virtual machine environment for running Linux applications, as well as firewall functionality with various wide area connectivity options.

Your network just got smarter.

The innovative design of this cellular router brings LTE and fiber optic WAN options into the harshest of environments. Whether you’re looking to expand your situational awareness into the distribution grid or stream videos for intelligent transportation systems and rail, 4G connections make it easier than ever to connect to a wide area network with high wireless bandwidth. Combined with the RUGGEDCOM VPE1400 software, the router supports a LINUX virtual machine environment, allowing customers and third party application developers to deploy customized intelligence at the network edge.

  • Virtualization allows a full Linux image (with dedicated storage media and I/O ports) to run in parallel with the RUGGEDCOM ROX II operating system.

  • Dual SIM slots provide high availability, allowing selection of the best performing network and making single service provider issues a thing of the past. Simultaneous use of fiber and cellular connections improves link resiliency and service continuity.

  • GPS input enables asset tracking - extremely useful in large scale deployments for locating Equipment.

  • Connecting modern Ethernet-based Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) to transport data directly over a wide-area network is possible with the four integrated Ethernet ports (10/100TX).

  • The two SFP Gigabit ports enable long-reach connectivity with high bandwidth to connect to remote stations.

  • The two integrated DB9 serial ports extend the life of legacy devices, connecting them to wide area networks instantly.

  • Micro SD slot stores application data, firmware and device configuration for easier in-field maintenance.

More technical details can be found on our product page.

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