Application Solutions

RUGGEDCOM Application Solutions enable users to run third party applications directly on RUGGEDCOM hardware (i.e. RUGGEDCOM APE) or in a Virtual Environment (i.e. RUGGEDCOM VPE1400). With integrated multi-service devices, data processing can be pushed to the edge of the network. This offers the ability to respond faster to local events, relieves the traffic burden on the network or data center, and lowers overall cost of ownership.



As the virtual machine environment for the RUGGEDCOM RX1400, the RUGGEDCOM VPE1400 is ideally suited for harsh environments, such as those found in electric power, transportation, defense systems and oil & gas industries.



The RUGGEDCOM APE serves as a utility-grade computing platform for the RUGGEDCOM RX1500 router family. It also allows to run third party software applications without needing to procure an external industrial PC.

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