Rugged Communications Equipment for Harsh Environments

Our products are at their best, when the environment around them is at its worst!

With RUGGEDCOM, the name speaks for itself. RUGGEDCOM products set new standards for quality and reliability for communication networks deployed in harsh environments. Covering an extremely wide temperature range, they offer zero-packet-loss technology under high electromagnetic interference and enhanced Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (eRSTP™) for ultra-high-speed network fault recovery. RUGGEDCOM products perform reliably in virtually all types of mission-critical networks – in substation automation, self-healing power grids and “smart grid” systems, in intelligent transportation systems for traffic management and railway control systems, as well as in process control and manufacturing automation systems used across multiple industrial sectors.

As your partner, Siemens understands your need for fast, reliable, and standardized communications. We are one of the world’s most tightly meshed service and support providers. Our innovation and focus on rugged communications will help you to meet these needs now and in the future!



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Communications that keep you moving

For the efficient flow of traffic, you need an efficient flow of information. That’s where RUGGEDCOM and SCALANCE product lines from Siemens come into play.

Communications that keep you moving

Robust industrial communication - from the generation to the distribution of power

In the field of substation and distribution automation our highly specialized, utility-grade RUGGEDCOM products create a high-performance communications infrastructure.

Robust industrial communication - from the generation to the distribution of power

Electrical components for the railway industry

Designed for use in harsh environmental conditions, RUGGEDCOM products have been widely used in a variety of applications within the railway industry.

Electrical components for the railway industry

Communication for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry deals with extreme temperatures, hazardous materials, high electromagnetic interference, high vibration and shock levels every day.

Communication for oil and gas industry
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