RUGGEDCOM Case Studies

Day in and day out, RUGGEDCOM products perform without fail under extreme conditions in the toughest environments. The following case studies provide an overview of their far-reaching industrial applications range.



Georgetown Utility Systems, Texas

Deployment of high-performance RUGGEDCOM WIN technology provided a reliable, cost-effective solution for connecting remote water treatment sites.


Cuming County Public Power District

RUGGEDCOM Network Infrastructure and Professional Services helped a rural electric utility company to better manage its seasonal power loads, improving service, costs and safety.


RUGGEDCOM Network Infrastructure and Professional Services helps Cuming County Public Power District manage seasonal loads to improve service, costs and safety.

Challenge: latencies in gathering data from remote substations forced CCPPD to over-correct in balancing its grid loads, impacting customers and costs.


Georgetown, Texas deploys Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN wireless broadband to upgrade mission-critical infrastructure communications.

Challenge: find a solution that allowed multiple remote water treatment sites (as well as other future applications) to connect to the SCADA network while minimizing the overall latency.


KONČAR-KET: Refurbishment of MEPSO high voltage substation in Macedonia.

Challenge: MEPSO wanted a substation automation design capable of integrating protection, measurement, local and remote SCADA control, status monitoring, automatic control functions, interlocking, alarms and event logging into a single system.


MAESSA chooses RUGGEDCOM to be part of its standard solution for high voltage substations.

Challenge: provide a reliable, utility grade Ethernet network for interconnecting multiple remote telecontrol units distributed across a high voltage substation.


EPRESA in Spain chooses RUGGEDCOM for developing its smart grid.

Challenge: provide a highly reliable backbone network that can be used for multiple applications including smart grid, smart metering, distribution automation, SCADA, video surveillance, customer internet access and VoIP.


City of Peoria, Arizona: hybrid communications network.

Challenge: extend the communication network from traffic signal controllers, cameras and variable message signs back to the city of Peoria’s Traffic Management Center (TMC).


A&N Electric reduces outage impact using Siemens products.

Challenge: improve SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and reduce the outages to critical facilities such as hospitals, caused by storms and vehicular collisions with power poles.


TVA/Tiptonville switching station: integrating UCA at the switching station for SCADA and relay protection applications.

Challenge: provide additional transmission capacity in the NE Tennessee region of the TVA system by building a new 161 kV transmission line and the Tiptonville switching station.