Communication for SIMATIC S7-300

Modular, powerful and with full PROFIBUS functionality: Communication modules for SIMATIC S7-300

CP 342-5

for connecting S7-300, the modular controller for innovative solutions in the manufacturing industry, to PROFIBUS

  • Expansion of the process I/O of SIMATIC S7-300 using several PROFIBUS interfaces

  • Use in the field as DP-V0 master or DP-V0 slave

  • Use in the cell area with cross-network programming device/operator panel communication through S7 routing

  • Extensive operator control and monitoring thanks to multiplex function with OP communication

  • Flexible use of the process I/O by means of dynamic activation of DP slaves

CP 342-5 FO

Fiber-optic technology is used when

  • the environment is severely affected by electromagnetic interference,

  • extreme potential differences exist and

  • high transmission rates are required.