Optical Networks

Optical Networks

In both indoor and outdoor optical networks data is transferred using fiber optic cables. These contain glass or plastic fibers and use trailing cables or a halogen-free design. Siemens’ PROFIBUS OLM (optical link module) and OBT (optical bus terminal) provide the essential components for a PROFIBUS optical network in a linear, star or redundant configuration.

Multiple potential applications

The PROFIBUS OLM and OBT bus terminals allow optical networks to achieve transfer rates as high as 12 Mbit/s regardless of the range.

Potential applications include deployment with high EMC levels; networking among multiple buildings; in networks with mixed electrical and optical PROFIBUS segments; and in long-range networks such as those used in transportation tunnels or traffic control systems.

FastConnect - the complete system

For quick and error-free installation or changes on site, with FastConnect, Siemens has developed a sophisticated quick-assembly system of cables, plug-in connectors and assembly tools. FastConnect is available for Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET and PROFIBUS, for RJ45, M12 or sub-D/RS 485. And now also for fiber-optic cables: BFOC, SC, SC RJ and LC (pre-assembled) in various lengths. With FastConnect FO, the impossible is now possible!

Your benefits

  • Less time is spent connecting terminals

  • Greater flexibility due to configuring the optimum cable length with the right connector for the terminal directly on site

  • Prefabricated cables can be ordered to reduce assembly and inspection time

  • Easy installation using just one tool

  • Easy routing of cables with pre-assembled connectors

  • Mistakes are prevented thanks to color coding and the transparent contact cover

Preassembly with FastConnect for glass fiber optic cables

Steps for assembly of Industrial Ethernet fiber-optic cables with Industrial Ethernet FastConnect

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