SCALANCE W730 Client Modules

Perfect for both inside and outside the control cabinet!


Transfer data wirelessly from the control cabinet in perfect interaction with SIMATIC S7-1500! Or you can even use our devices with degree of protection IP65 outside the control cabinet.

The SCALANCE W770 access points and SCALANCE W730 client modules in SIMATIC design reliably implement wireless communication between the controller and an ET 200SP, acting as a sort of header module.

Networks ranging from simple machine networks to large wireless areas can thus be implemented with data transmission rates of up to 300 Mbps.

Due to optional iFeatures provided by the KEY-PLUG W740 iFeature, it is even possible to perform wireless data communication in real-time with PROFINET via PROFIsafe.

Using the new client modules SCALANCE W738-1 M12, you have rugged devices conforming to IP65 which can be used in demanding ambient conditions. The compact design, as well as the many installation options using DIN-rail assemblies, angle adapters, or direct bolting to the wall, saves space and ensures flexibility.


  • SCALANCE W734-1 RJ45 client module for use in the control cabinet

  • SCALANCE W738-1 M12 client modules with protection class IP65 for indoor use

  • KEY-PLUG W740 iFeatures for activating the additional functions


  • Space-saving integration into the control cabinet with SIMATIC S7-1500

  • Secure wireless communication at up to 300 Mbps via PROFINET using PROFIsafe

  • Optional activation of additional functions via KEY-PLUG W740 iFeatures

  • Use outside the control cabinet also possible thanks to IP65

  • Extensive antenna portfolio