IWLAN RCoax Cable – the radiating cable for challenging radio environments

In cranes, elevators or rail-mounted vehicles, the RCoax radiating cables provide reliable radio links in areas where conventional antenna technology can be installed only at considerable expense.


Operated as antennas from SCALANCE W access points, the RCoax radiating cables provide reliable radio links. The coaxial cable is rugged, easy to install and suitable for use in areas susceptible to explosions (Zone 2) without special approvals. Two versions are available for applications in Industrial Wireless LAN sector with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. They are connected to the SCALANCE W access points as external antennas. Mobile stations are connected via SCALANCE W client modules.


The radiating cables are laid alongside the traversing path of the mobile stations, for example, in the rail of an overhead monorail conductor. Due to its special radiation characteristic, it is an antenna that can be laid as a cable. It ensures a reliable radio link even at locations where otherwise complex omnidirectional or directional antenna would be required.


  • Maximum reliability thanks to controlled and defined radio links

  • Data transmission is contactless and therefore wear-free and low-maintenance

  • Cost savings thanks to replacement of contact conductors and trailing cables

  • Investment protection through integration of PROFIBUS devices