Automation Technology

Antennas and Accessories


A comprehensive antenna portfolio conforming to the IEEE 802.11 standard rounds off the IWLAN solution from Siemens. This includes both antennas and cabling systems as well as mounting accessories such as cables, lightning conductors and plug-in connectors.

Rugged enclosures and related protection against shock and vibration allow versatile use of the SCALANCE W products. The antenna portfolio is also part of this approach and is therefore industry-compatible.


Separate antennas provide reliable wireless connections for the SCALANCE W products.

These include:

  • Omnidirectional antennas for a large-area wireless radio field in all directions

  • Directional antennas for a wireless field aligned in a specified direction, e.g. for wireless communication between buildings

  • Sector or wide-angle antennas for a large radio field, for example, for spot-lighting courtyards and forecourts

  • Special antennas for RCoax applications


  • Comprehensive portfolio of different antenna types and IWLAN cabling systems as well as angle adapters, lightning conductors, cabinet bushing, antenna connection and adapter cables

  • Easy installation of antennas for indoor and outdoor use

  • Reliable connection between antenna and device in the control cabinet through rugged cabinet bushing

  • Wide variety of application areas, including industrial environments and transportation

  • Extended temperature range of -45 to +70 °C maximum and high degree of protection (IP65/67)