Efficient telecontrol solutions – remote terminal units (RTUs) for all applications

With our TeleControl Basic and TeleControl Professional telecontrol systems, you can control and monitor remote terminal units from the control center. Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are located at the substations of telecontrol plants and monitor widely dispersed measurement points. Different RTUs are used, depending on the complexity of the task. With our comprehensive offering for modular RTUs based on SIMATIC controllers, you can flexibly adapt your substations to your requirements. For the connection of modular RTUs, we offer communication modules in the form of communication processors (CPs) and Telecontrol Interface Modules (TIMs). Our portfolio also includes compact RTUs which work as stand-alone units in harsh environments.


Remote Networks

Remote reliability: The compact SIMATIC RTUs with separate power supply as autonomous telecontrol units also in the most remote regions and under harshest environmental conditions.

RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-1500

Flexibility and highest performance: RTUs on basis of SIMATIC S7-1500 monitor and control even the most complex plants.

RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-1200

Flexible, inexpensive, and deployable worldwide: Our communication processors for RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-1200 make communication with your substations both flexible and efficient.

RTUs based on SIMATIC ET 200SP


Compact, modular and easy to handle: RTUs based on SIMATIC ET 200SP make it possible to build customized RTUs.

RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-300 / S7-400


Reliable transmission of control and process data of widely dispersed telecontrol stations:
With our Telecontrol Interface Modules (TIMs) for powerful RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400.