RTUs based on SIMATIC ET 200SP


Remote terminal units (RTUs) based on the SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed controller, are very attractive thanks to their especially compact design and impressive performance. With the CP 1542SP-1 IRC communication processor, they can communicate with a telecontrol control center via telecontrol protocols. This means that telecontrol applications can benefit from the advantages of the SIMATIC ET 200SP system – such as high flexibility and user-friendliness. RTUs based on SIMATIC ET 200SP are an especially good choice for transmitting measured values from geographically distributed outstations to a control center – for example in sewage and wastewater treatment networks and district heating grids as well as oil and gas supply, power distribution and traffic systems.


The CP 1542SP-1 IRC communication processor supports different telecontrol protocols. The remote terminal units based on SIMATIC ET 200SP can therefore be connected to different control centers. In addition to the telecontrol protocols DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-104, the CP also supports the Siemens telecontrol protocols SINAUT ST7 (firmware version V2.0 and higher) and TeleControl Basic. The telecontrol protocol can easily be defined during the engineering phase.

The RTU is connected to the telecontrol center via public or private communication networks (remote networks). For connection to these networks, an external industrial router – for example one from the SCALANCE M product family – is connected to the CP Ethernet port. The CP 1542SP-1 IRC supports both cyclical and event-controlled transmission of all data types required for process control. The communication processor can also automatically notify the maintenance personnel of predefined events – such as exceeded threshold values – with the aid of an e-mail function. The communication parameters are easy to configure using the Step 7 Professional engineering software of TIA Portal V14.

To prevent data losses if the connection is lost, the communication processor continuously stores all measured values with a time stamp.

With the SINEMA Remote Connect management platform, the CP (as of firmware version V2.0) enables easy, secured remote access to RTUs based on SIMATIC ET 200SP. The connection to SINEMA Remote Connect is being realized with autoconfiguration. VPN tunnels between a central control center and the RTUs can then be easily configured and managed – for both teleservice as well as telecontrol applications. The CP 1542SP-1 IRC also provides comprehensive diagnostic tools, locally using error alerts with LED indicators, in the SIMATIC Step 7 engineering tool or via the web server.


Application example: connection of RTUs with SIMATIC ET 200SP to a telecontrol control center.


  • RTUs based on SIMATIC ET 200SP are modular and compact

  • Can be easily used for different types of control centers (regardless of protocol)

  • Standard engineering with STEP7, i.e., fast and easy programming, networking and commissioning

  • Cyclical and event-controlled transmission of measured and setpoint values

  • Storing measured values with time stamps avoids data loss

  • Alarms can be reported directly to the control center, via e-mail or SMS, without complicated programming

  • Easy station setup: Modules and terminal boxes can be replaced during operation

  • Easy secured remote access to stations with SINEMA Remote Connect

  • RTUs are configured in the TIA Selection tool