Compact, energy-self-sufficient RTUs

Designed for the most remote regions and the harshest environmental conditions:


The compact RTUs of the SIMATIC RTU3000C series are energy-self-sufficient low-power remote terminal units (RTUs). They enable the monitoring of the most remote measuring points – even in locations with no local power supply or hard-wired communication infrastructure. Thanks to their optimized energy consumption, the compact SIMATIC RTUs require no external power source. They supply themselves either from battery or accumulator with solar panel.


The compact remote terminal units SIMATIC RTU3010C, RTU3030C and RTU3031C are suited in particular for sites without connection to a public power grid. They can be operated with up to 2x3 redundant battery modules. Connection to an accumulator with solar panel or a 12-24 V DC power source is also possible. The RTUs operate reliably even under harsh conditions ranging from -40 to +70 °C. With an external protective enclosure, they can also be used in areas prone to flooding (IP68).

The RTUs offer different communications possibilities for the connection to a control center:

  • SIMATIC RTU3010C: use of an external Router

  • SIMATIC RTU3030C: use of an external Router or internal UMTS modem

  • SIMATIC RTU3031C: use of an external Router or internal UMTS modem and GPS reception

The RTUs record measured values from connected sensors and transmit these by cellular network to the control center – secured via an OpenVPN tunnel or a secured e-mail. The communication parameters are freely adjustable. If defined values drop below a threshold or exceed it, the RTU reports this immediately via text message or e-mail alert. This enables service personnel to quickly respond to extraordinary events. The devices offer integrated inputs and outputs. With an extension board 8 additional sensors can be connected via Modbus RTU.

The RTUs can perform data preprocessing to reduce the data volume and to simplify the data evaluation in the control center. A range of program module types are available for this purpose (such as level monitoring of silos, calculation of overflow volumes in rain overflow basins, logic and time functions). Adjustments to the configuration and firmware updates can be carried out from the control center using a standard web browser. This saves on-site service costs.





Communication connection

Any IP-based network via external router, such as SCALANCE M

2G, 3G via integrated modem or via external router

2G, 3G via integrated modem or via external router; GPS reception


- 8 digital inputs (DI), of which 2 frequency counters
- 4 digital outputs (DO)
- 4 analog inputs (AI)

- 8 digital inputs (DI), of which 2 frequency counters
- 4 digital outputs (DO)
- 4 analog inputs (AI)

- 8 digital inputs (DI), of which 2 frequency counters
- 8 digital outputs (DO)
- 4 analog inputs (AI)


Secured e-mail, tunnel of TeleControl Server Basic, OpenVPN, VPN connection with SINEMA Remote Connect via auto configuration

Temperature range

-40 °C to +70 °C

Degree of protection

IP20 (IP68 with separate enclosure)

Telecontrol protocols

DNP3, IEC 60870-5-104, TeleControl Basic, SINAUT ST7

Power supply

Freely combinable:
- 12-24 V DC
- 2x3 redundant battery modules
- Battery with solar panel


Local and remote via web based management


Example configuration: Calling of data from the control center


  • Flexible power supply concept: battery, accumulator battery with solar panel or 12-24 volt power connection – freely combinable

  • Optimized energy consumption and low-power operation: battery operation possible over several years

  • Reliable operation even in harsh environments

  • Simple configuration using a standard web browser, can also be performed remotely

  • Various protocols enable flexible connection to any SCADA system: TeleControl Basic, IEC 60870‑5‑104, DNP3 and SINAUT ST7

  • Easy, standardized sending of data to an FTP server

  • Integrated analog inputs and digital inputs and outputs for direct connection of the sensors and data acquisition on site

  • Connection to SINEMA Remote Connect with auto configuration

  • GPS localization for mobile applications with SIMATIC RTU3031C