Modems for dedicated lines and dial-up networks

Use in industrial environments


Modems are normally used for wired transmission of signals and data between individual process stations and the telecontrol center. Siemens offers an appropriate modem for both dedicated lines and dial-up networks:

  • The MD2 modem supports the use of copper dedicated lines.

  • The MD3 permits connection to the analog telephone network or to dedicated lines with higher data transfer rates

  • The MD720 is a GSM/GPRS mobile telephone modem with an RS232 interface and supports data rates up to 54 kbit/s (downlink) and 27 kbit/s (uplink)


The modem are optimized for use with the telecontrol systems, but can also be used independently as normal dedicated line or dial-up modems.

In the case of TeleControl Professional, the modems are connected to the serial modem interface of a TIM module.

The dedicated line modem MD2 is also available in SIPLUS extreme versions for extreme applications and environmental conditions.


Dedicated line or dial-up modems:

  • Electrical isolation between power supply and serial interface

  • Integrated repeater function for multiplication of range

  • Connection to wireless devcies with a modem input possible

GSM/GPRS mobile telephone modem:

  • SMS sending

  • Can be used worldwide due to quadband technology
    (observe national regulations!)

  • Cost savings due to remote servicing and remote programming

  • Low operating costs with permanent wireless online connection (in GPRS mode)

  • Secure connection over public networks through encrypted data transmission plus additional measures of the GPRS provider (in GPRS mode)