Further applications for Industrial Remote Communication

Efficient remote access to plants, machines and mobile applications.


New requirements lead for new approaches: The mega-trends of urbanization, globalization, population growth and climate change are driving forces of growth for new applications which go beyond traditional teleservice and telecontrol solutions.

The high bandwidths enabled by new transmission technologies and radio standards allow the transmission of ever greater volumes of data, including high-resolution video clips. For all bandwidth-hungry applications the new mobile radio routers of the product family SCALANCE M are used.

Highlights of the UMTS SCALANCE M875 router:

  • Integrated security functions (Firewall and VPN with IPSec)

  • Antenna diversity for very robust radio transmission

  • Approval for use in public transportation (EN50155 conformity)

  • Extended temperature range from -30°C to +75°C


Using these technologies, new applications for Industrial Remote Communication are opening up in fields such as:

  • Transportation: e.g. video transmissions from trains

  • Power generation: e.g. condition monitoring of wind power plants

  • Power distribution: e.g. smart grid management

  • Building management: e.g. building monitoring

Video transmissions from trains:

Thanks to higher bandwidth the UMTS SCALANCE M875 router allows the real time video transfer from the passenger compartment (video surveillance) and can thereby increase passenger safety. The real time video data of all vehicles are monitored and further processed at a data center. In addition further services are possible, such as data connection of ticket machines, infotainment services and Internet on board as well as vehicle technology monitoring (telemetry).

Condition monitoring of wind power plants:

Modern wind power plants are getting bigger and bigger and their degree of effectiveness is constantly increasing. Continuous status monitoring increases their availability and simultaneously lowers the maintenance costs. With the mobile radio routers of SCALANCE M, despite a growing number of data quantities, all service and maintenance information from mechanical components can be transmitted in a timely and efficient manner.

Smart grid management:

Also in the field of smart grid management the products of Remote Networks (remote communication over private and public, heterogeneous networks) are used. Distribution and local network stations are becoming increasingly automated and inter-networked. The status-data of the respective stations are continuously determined and with the SCALANCE M875 band-width-optimized transmitted to one or more central control centers.

Building monitoring:

Seamlessly monitoring security-sensitive properties, plants and buildings is a challenging task. The new UMTS routers open up new possibilities in centralized building monitoring and allow the data interfacing for access control, event-controlled individual image transmission and online monitoring with video cameras.


Constantly widening opportunities for remote communication over Remote Networks provided by increases in bandwidth, higher availability and falling costs result in lots of new solution concepts. Siemens offers with Industrial Remote Communication a comprehensive range of components and systems for telecontrol, teleservice and further remote applications.