Industrial Ethernet SW


SOFTNET for Industrial Ethernet

  • Communication services:
    - PG/OP communication
    - S7 communication
    - Open communication (SEND/RECEIVE)

  • The appropriate OPC server and configuration tools are included in the scope of delivery of the respective communications software.

  • Possible interfaces:
    - Layer 2 Ethernet card (e.g. CP 1612 A2)
    - Integrated Industrial Ethernet interface


Software for the connection of a PC to PRP capable (Parallel Redundancy Protocol according to IEC 62439-3) networks. The software package offers high level of plant availability thanks to duplicate transmission of frames in two parallel, separate networks.


For connecting PCs over redundant Industrial Ethernet to the SIMATIC S7-400H and protection against failure of communications in the event of a fault in the dual bus or in the redundant ring.