More productive communication with the CP 443-1 Advanced communications processor


With the S7-Advanced communication modules, the advantages that Industrial Ethernet has over the fieldbus can be utilized. The Advanced CPs permit a flat communications structure which requires little configuring overhead. In many cases, communication gateways between the field level, MES level and ERP level can be omitted. This reduces the configuring overhead and the number of error sources. The CP 443-1 Advanced is used to connect the SIMATIC S7-400 to Industrial Ethernet It implements the direct integration of S7-400 even into complex systems by means of Industrial Ethernet with 100 Mbit/s

Little space is required for installation in the control cabinet

Integrated 4-port switch with RJ45 connections permits the construction of small local networks, e.g. within a machine or cell.

Communication services in production

Just like the CP 443-1, the CP 443-1 Advanced can efficiently communicate with the S5, S7, OPC servers or the programming device. Via TCP, the communication can also be programmed and permits the integration of many different systems.


As PROFINET controller, the CP in the machine also controls distributed I/O modules. Modular, object-oriented system concepts are supported by the CP over PROFINET CBA.

IT communication

Important information about production data can be sent as e-mail. Via links in the Web browser, for example, Quality Assurance can analyze current data from individual machines on web pages. With the FTP protocol, the controller can retrieve files for order processing via the CP direct from a main frame computer or PC.

The security issue

Despite IT communication, the CP 443-1 Advanced has a high degree of protection against attacks through the network. Regular security updates are not required. An IP access list protects against access from unauthorized computers. Basic protection using passwords combined with personnel and communication services protects against unauthorized access.

Optimum support of maintenance

Independent of one’s location, maintenance personnel can be informed about disturbances via e-mail. The remote diagnosis is carried out via integrated web pages which indicate the status of the controller. Using the Internet browser, machine or system malfunctions can be diagnosed online through user-created web pages. Even the machine documentation can be created as HTML files and stored on the web server of the CP. The module can be replaced without a configuration tool, since the file system of the web server is stored on the plug-in C-Plug.

Network separation between field level and enterprise level

Networks often have to be separated physically from one another, but nevertheless have to communicate with one another. Reasons for network separation are deliberate load decoupling or different responsibilities within an enterprise (e.g. office and production network). When using the CP 343-1 Advanced communications processors and CP 443-1 Advanced S7 controllers this requirement presents no problem. With the introduction of interfaces for separate IP subnetworks in Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet on one module, the cross-network use of IT services is possible by means of static IP routing. The access protection to the controller and the cross-network data traffic in this case is regulated by a configurable IP Access List.