New functions for Industrial Ethernet: CP 443-1 communications processor


The standard CP 443-1 is used to connect the SIMATIC S7-400 to Industrial Ethernet In addition to the communication to further Ethernet partners the CP takes on the function of a PROFINET- IO controller.

Standard services for production
The standard CP 443-1 can efficiently communicate with the S5, S7, OPC servers or the programming device. Via TCP/IP, communication can also be programmed and thus permits the integration of many different systems.

When the old world has to be connected to the new world
As PROFINET Controller, the CP in the machine also controls distributed I/O modules.

High security
The CP 443-1 has a high degree of protection against attacks through the network. Regular security updates are not required. An IP access list protects against access from unauthorized computers

The module can be easily and quickly replaced without the need for a configuration tool, since the data of the communication parameters are stored on the CPU.

Web diagnostics
With web diagnostics, the CP permits you to call the most important settings of a connected station as well as the states of its network connections and communication partners from an HTTP client onto a programming device/PC. Furthermore, you can poll the diagnostics buffer entries of the modules of the rack where the CP is connected. Web diagnostics allows read-only access to the data of the connected stations.

Integration of S7-400 in the production cycle clock
Time synchronization of the SIMATIC S7-400 CPU via NTP or SIMATIC procedure. Worst case accuracy: +/- 1 second!

ERTEC 400 onboard
The integrated 4-port real-time switch with RJ45 ports permits the configuration of line topologies.