The low-cost version: CP 343-1 Lean communications processor


The CP 343-1 Lean with the tried and tested communications services is used to connect the SIMATIC S7-300 to Industrial Ethernet And it does this in single-width design.

Well-proven communication
- Transport protocol TCP/IP and UDP
- PG/OP communication
- S7 communication (server)
- open communication (SEND/RECEIVE)

PROFINET IO Device functionality
The new CP 343-1 Lean (CX10) has an integrated 2-port switch (ERTEC 200) and offers PROFINET IO Device functionality. It permits connection of the S7-300 to Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET IO via these 2 ports.

Sophisticated retaining collar concept
Secure data communication by means of industry-standard device interface using the plug-in connector IE FC RJ45 Plug 180 and additional strain relief by latching the connector to the enclosure.

Freely selectable slot
The CP 343-1 Lean can be used flexibly. Thanks to its single-width design, plenty of space remains for other function modules.

Web diagnostics
With web diagnostics, the CP V2.0 or higher permits you to call the most important settings of a connected station as well as the states of its network connections and communication partners from an HTTP client onto a programming device/PC. Furthermore, you can poll the diagnostics buffer entries of the modules of the rack where the CP is connected.
Web diagnostics allows read-only access to the data of the connected stations.