SIMATIC S7-200: Convincing control technology


The connection of SIMATIC S7-200 programmable controllers via communication processors permits the direct integration of the controllers into Industrial Ethernet. A SIMATIC S7-200 with STEP 7-Micro/WIN can be configured, programmed and diagnosed remotely over Industrial Ethernet.

CP 243-1: Taking the load off the SIMATIC S7-200 CPU
With the CP 243-1 communications processor, the user can quickly access S7-200 process data via Industrial Ethernet for archiving or further processing. The configuration support with STEP 7-Micro/WIN ensures easy commissioning and user-friendly diagnostics options. Using OPC, an open data exchange with the PC application is possible.

CP 243-1 IT: High-speed access to SIMATIC S7-200 over the Internet
High-speed configuration, programming and monitoring over Industrial Ethernet from a central location can save time and reduce costs considerably. The CP 243-1 IT enables access over the Internet, and 
the PLC can be linked universally and easily with different computers 
via FTP.