Communication for distributed controller SIMATIC ET 200SP

Communications processors (CPs) offer additional communication interfaces and therefore expand the range of possible applications for the SIMATIC ET 200SP Distributed Controller. All functions of the CPs are configured in the TIA Portal with the STEP 7 Professional V14 engineering software.
All CPs offer comprehensive diagnostic options – either on the device via LED displays of error messages, in the SIMATIC STEP 7 engineering tool, or through the Web server of the SIMATIC ET 200SP CPU.

CP 1542SP-1 – flexible expansion of the ET 200SP system by additional Industrial Ethernet interfaces

With the CP 1542SP-1 communication processor, you can expand the ET 200SP system with an additional Industrial Ethernet interface. This enables you to setup identical machines with the same IP addresses through network separation.

CP 1543SP-1 – Protection of the SIMATIC ET 200SP Distributed Controller against unauthorized access through Stateful Inspection Firewall and VPN protocol (IPsec)

In addition to the functions of the CP 1542SP-1, CP 1543SP-1 offers enhanced security functions, such as the encryption of all data transmitted by VPN with IPsec, and the Stateful Inspection Firewall for secure access to the SIMATIC ET 200SP. The new FW version V2.0 supports SINEMA Remote Connect with autoconfiguration, making secure remote access to SIMATIC ET 200SP controllers very easy.
The functions of the CPs make using the SIMATIC ET 200SP system even more attractive in the field of machine building industry.

CP 1542SP-1 IRC – Connection of remote terminal units (RTUs) based on the SIMATIC ET 200SP Distributed Controller to a telecontrol control center

The CP 1543SP-1 IRC communications processor supports the open remote control protocols DNP3, IEC 60870-5-104, SINAUT ST7
and TeleControl Basic. This enables remote terminal units (RTUs) to be connected to a telecontrol control center.
You can find more information on remote terminal units based on the SIMATIC ET 200SP here.