Communications processors for Advanced Controller S7-1500/300/400

More dynamic, faster, more cost-effective

To continue to be one decisive step ahead of the competition, you must solve your PLC tasks dynamically, fast, and cost-effectively.

Our communications processors relieve the controller’s CPU of communications tasks and facilitate additional connections. They permit suitable integration into Industrial Ethernet and implement connections both at the automation level and to the IT world and up into the cloud.

Communication processors for SIMATIC-S7 400

Within the controller family, the SIMATIC S7-400 is designed for system solutions in manufacturing and process automation in the medium to upper performance range. The connection of SIMATIC S7-400 via communications processors permits direct integration of the controllers into Industrial Ethernet networks. The communication processors have multi-protocol capability and support the following protocols:

  • PG/OP communication

  • S7 communication

  • open communication (SEND/RECEIVE)


  • IT communication

CP 443-1

CP 443-1: Convincing performance capability

The low-cost connection for programming devices and HMI devices, as well as for communication between S7 programmable controllers.

CP 443-1 Advanced

CP 443-1 Advanced: The high-power version with Gigabit uplink and 4-port switch on board

In addition to the proven industrial features of the CP 443‑1, the CP 443‑1 Advanced, with IT functionalities such as e-mail, http-based diagnostics and user-created web pages, offers the ideal support for maintenance and quality assurance. The Internet functions such as FTP communication even allow direct connection to the ERP level without additional gateways. Thanks to two separate interfaces, the CP is suitable for network separation between control and field level, e.g. for load coupling.

The integrated 4-port switch on the second interface is particularly suitable for setting up small networks, e.g. for the connection of PROFINET I/O devices. With its integrated security functions of firewall (Stateful Inspection), VPN protocol (IPSec) and protocols for data encryption such as FTPS and SNMPv3, the communications processor protects S7‑400 stations and lower-level networks against unauthorized access, as well as protecting data transmission against manipulation and espionage by means of encryption. That's why this CP represents the the bridge between the field level over PROFINET and the MES level for the S7‑400.

CP 343-1 RNA

CP 443-1 RNA for redundant network structures

The CP 443‑1 RNA is the ideal solution for establishing Industrial Ethernet networks with high network availability for SIMATIC S7‑400 controllers. It can be used in SIMATIC H-systems and for fail-safe applications (PROFIsafe) in connection with an S7‑400 F‑CPU. It provides the possibility to connect an S7‑400 or S7‑400H via the PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol according to IEC 62439‑3) to parallel, separate networks in which high reliability is required.

CP 443-1 OPC UA

CP 443-1 OPC UA – More independence for your plant network

The growing demands on automation networks make open and independent data transfer more important than ever. The CP 443‑1 OPC UA communications processor offers a flexible solution. By using the standardized OPC UA interface, the processor enables direct and fast data exchange between automation components from different manufacturers.

The CP can be used as an OPC UA server as well as an OPC UA client. As OPC UA server, it provides data that the OPC UA clients such as HMI (Human Machine Interface), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), ERP or SCADA system can retrieve via data access. As an OPC UA client, the CP collects and writes to and from an OPC UA server using OPC UA services via user blocks in accordance with the standards of the PLCOpen organization. OPC UA is a standard for manufacturer-independent communication in the automation industry. The CP 443‑1 OPC UA supports OPC UA according to the specification 1.02.