As a stand-alone component, the IE/PB LINK PN IO builds the seamless transition between Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS by means of real-time communication (RT) and thus enables existing PROFIBUS devices to be integrated into a PROFINET application. From the viewpoint of the IO Controller, all DP slaves are handled like IO Devices with an Ethernet interface, i.e. the IE/PB LINK PN IO is their proxy.

Combination of WLAN client plus IE/PB LINK PN IO

A gateway from PROFIBUS to Industrial Wireless LAN can be implemented in combination with SCALANCE W clients (SCALANCE W722 RJ45). This means PROFIBUS devices can continue to be used and integrated into a PROFINET environment including Wireless LAN, and that also with PROFIsafe (investment protection).



  • PROFINET IO proxy
    Interfacing of PROFIBUS DP slaves to PROFINET IO controller with real-time communication according to PROFINET standard

  • S7 routing
    permits cross-network PG communication, in other words, all S7 stations on Industrial Ethernet or PROFIBUS can be programmed remotely using the programming device.
    Access to visualization data of S7 stations on PROFIBUS from HMI stations on Industrial Ethernet.

  • Data record routing (PROFIBUS DP)
    Using this option, the IE/PB LINK PN IO can be used as a router for data records that are intended for field devices (DP slaves). SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) is a tool that creates data records of this type for parameter assignment and diagnostics of field devices. In addition to STEP 7 / TIA Portal, configuration of the IE/PB LINK PN IO is also possible with the PST (Primary Setup Tool).

  • Flexible network topologies through integrated switch and support of BusAdapters of the SIMATIC ET 200SP system
    Within a PROFINET network with a ring topology, the IE/PB LINK PN IO supports the Media Redundancy Protocol MRP as an MRP client.
    STEP 7 ab V5.5 SP4 or STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) V14 Update 1 with a HSP is required for configuration of the full range of functions of the new IE/PB LINK PN IO.


Investment protection for existing systems and no reliance on a specific manufacturer

You can continue to use legacy system and plant components that communicate over PROFIBUS and expand them. Through seamless integration of PROFIBUS devices in PROFINET over IE/PB LINK PN IO, you can protect your previous investments. You can therefore rely on the innovative PROFINET standard and also remain independent of a specific manufacturer.

Corporate communication from a central point and worldwide access

You can load STEP 7 programs from a central point and optimize your plant. Access to process data is provided not only at all levels of the company, but also worldwide over Industrial Ethernet and the Internet.

Devices can be replaced without the need for a programming device

Using the C-Plug swap media for backing up the configuration data, devices can be replaced without the need for a programming device.

Sample applications

Protection of investment through the use of IE/PB LINK PN IO as proxy for connecting PROFIBUS DP slaves.

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