Security Communication Processors


Protection of controllers with integrated firewall (control of data flow) and VPN for protection against data manipulation and espionage:

  • CP 1243-1 for SIMATIC S7-1200

  • CP 1243-7 LTE for SIMATIC S7-1200

  • CP 1543SP-1 for SIMATIC ET 200SP

  • CP 1543-1 for SIMATIC S7-1500

  • CP 343-1 Advanced for SIMATIC S7-300

  • CP 443-1 Advanced for SIMATIC S7-400

  • CP 1628 for PC


The CP 1243-1 communication processor securely connects the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller to Ethernet networks. With its integrated security functions of firewall (Stateful Inspection) and VPN protocol (IPsec), the communications processor protects S7-1200 stations and lower-level networks against unauthorized access, and protects the data transmission against manipulation and espionage by means of encryption. The CP can also be used for the integration of the S7-1200 station into a Telecontrol control station, e. g. TeleControl Basic, via IP-based remote networks.

Segmentation of networks and protection of the S7-1500 with CP 1543-1 or S7-1200 with CP 1243-1