Security factor network

Cybersecurity is the topic that all companies are dealing with today. With its "Defense in Depth" as comprehensive protection concept, Siemens provides answers in form of an in-depth defense based on the recommendations of IEC 62443 in industrial automation.

Network security is a crucial component of the Industrial Security concept. It means protection of automation networks from unauthorized access. It includes control of all interfaces, for example, between office and plant networks or remote maintenance access to the Internet and can be implemented by means of firewalls and setup of a DMZ (demilitarized zone = zone shielded by enhanced security measures), if necessary.

Industrial Security Appliances

SCALANCE S Industrial Security Appliances for protection of devices and networks. They secure industrial communication through firewall as well as VPN and seamlessly connect to the security structures of the office and IT worlds.

Industrial Routers

Industrial Routers SCALANCE M for secure remote access to plants via LAN or wireless networks with integrated security functions, Firewall and VPN, for protection of data transmission and protection against unauthorized access.

Security Communication Processors

Security communication processors protect controllers with integrated firewall (control of data flow) and VPN from data manipulation and espionage.

SINEMA Remote Connect

The SINEMA Remote Connect management platform makes for easy remote access to machines and plants and ensures secure management of tunnel connections (VPN) between control room, service technicians and plants.

SOFTNET Security Client

The SOFTNET Security Client offers secure data transmission from the PC/programming device to Industrial Security components by means of VPN.

IE RJ45 Port Lock

Physical network access protection with IE RJ45 Port Lock. It enables mechanical locking of RJ45 ports on terminal devices or network components.