Industrial IoT Gateway SIMATIC CloudConnect 7

Smartly connecting existing plants


Cloud computing is an important prerequisite for utilizing the benefits of digitalization in an industrial setting. With the Industrial IoT Gateways SIMATIC CloudConnect 7, even existing plants can be easily connected to a wide variety of Cloud platforms that support the standardized MQTT protocol, such as to the MindSphere.


The Industrial IoT Gateway SIMATIC CloudConnect 7 makes it possible to read data easily and reliably from S7-based devices and transfers them via the standardized MQTT protocol to different Cloud platforms like MindSphere, Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. The data management for existing S7 controllers can continue to be imported for quick and easy configuration.

The SIMATIC CC712 variant allows the connection of a SIMATIC S7-300 or S7-400 via Industrial Ethernet by means of S7 protocol, whereas the SIMATIC CC716 variant supports the connection of up to seven SIMATIC S7 controllers via Industrial Ethernet or PROFIBUS/MPI interface.

The connection to Cloud systems via Internet or mobile communication can either be made via an existing network infrastructure or can be directly realized through the combination with the Industrial Ethernet routers SCALANCE M.

In addition, the data read from lower-level S7 stations by means of SIMATIC CloudConnect 7 can be made available as OPC UA variables (server). This enables standardized data exchange, for example with MES systems or HMI and third-party controllers.


Example applications

Intelligent connection of multiple existing S7 plants to SIMATIC CC716 via PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet

Easy connection of an S7 machine via SIMATIC CC712


  • IIoT data transfer to cloud-based solutions for existing SIMATIC S7 plants (investment protection)

  • Quick and fault-free configuration by data transfer from SIMATIC STEP 7 or TIA Portal

  • Event-driven communication reduces the network load and the costs for data exchange

Cloud connection via SCALANCE M industrial routers with SIMATIC CC712

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