SCALANCE X-500 managed / Layer 3

Flexible structuring of large networks


Structure your plant network using SCALANCE X-500 as the central component and thus create the ideal basis for the implementation of networks that set new standards when it comes to reliability and performance.

Enjoy complete freedom of choice of connection media, employ a variety of redundancy concepts, and connect your plant network to your corporate IT system.

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  • SCALANCE XR524-8C with up to 24 ports, including 8 combo ports

  • SCALANCE XR526-8C with up to 24 Gigaports, 2 of these are 10 Gigabit ports

  • SCALANCE XR528-6M with up to 28 ports

  • SCALANCE XR552-12M with up to 52 Ports


  • Unlimited flexibility in network expansions and modifications thanks to full modularity

  • Electrical or optical networking via combo ports (SCALANCE XR524-8C/XR526-8C), even during operation (hot swappable)

  • Reduction of stock-keeping costs for different device types due to fully modular design

  • Optional retrofitting of layer 3 functions by means of KEY-PLUG without exchanging the hardware

  • High availability due to redundant power supply, removable medium C-PLUG and redundancy functions

  • Diverse variants with different (AC/DC) and optionally redundant power supply for all requirements

  • High device performance and transfer of large amounts of data via 10 Gbps ports