SCALANCE X-300 managed

Take advantage of the high functionality and extensive flexibility with managed Industrial Ethernet SCALANCE X-300 switches as compact devices or as the 19" rack versions. You can easily expand your plant networks with them and thereby reliably exchange data of machines and plants in your host systems.


High performance for plant structuring

The SCALANCE X-300 managed Industrial Ethernet switches are highly suited for configuring line, star and ring topologies (10/100/1000 Mbit/s) in plants.

Compact variants are available with up to 20 electrical or 3 optical ports (ST/BFOC, SC) or semi-modular variants with up to 8 electrical or optical ports (via configurable media modules) with distances up to 26 km.

The switches offer different redundancy mechanisms such as Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) and can be replaced in the event of a fault without any special skills thanks to the exchangeable medium C-PLUG.

The MM992-2VD media module (variable distance), which is plugged into a modular SCALANCE X-300 switch, can use any type of two-wire cables for Ethernet connections up to 1000 m. This includes, for example, land lines, lines through fireproof bulkheads or along pipelines, which can be very difficult to replace. With the media module MM992-2VD you can also connect up to 500 m PROFINET routes in length with 8-wire copper cables.

SCALANCE X-300 is available in various versions:

  • SCALANCE X-300 as compact device

  • SCALANCE X-300M as semi-modular device

  • SCALANCE X-300M PoE as semi-modular device with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)


  • Wide-ranging IT functions for high-speed plant networks

  • Flexible port configurations thanks to semi-modular design (SCALANCE X-300M)

  • Use in transportation applications (SCALANCE X-300M TS)

  • Saving of network cable with Power-over-Ethernet through the transmission of data and power over a single line (SCALANCE X-300M)

  • Central configuration in the network management software (SINEC NMS)