More performance in harsh environments

As a result of digitalization, a homogeneous communication structure in the process industry plant is also becoming increasingly more important. PROFINET, the leading Industrial Ethernet standard in automation, meets the high requirements in terms of flexibility, availability and reliability and thus provides secure and fast data communication – and at the same time enables powerful and cost-effective solutions for process automation.

PROFINET is based on the Ethernet standard according to IEEE 802.3 and is therefore the reliable, future-proof standard that paves the way for digitalization in process-oriented environments for reliable communication down to the field level. PROFINET enables flexible network architectures and also allows the integration of existing PROFIBUS networks.

PROFINET networks in harsh environments

Industrial Ethernet switches are active network components that enable assembly of an industrial communication network in electrical or optical line, star and ring structures. They distribute data to specifically defined addressees and thus structure the data traffic, which significantly increases data throughput, network performance and overall availability.

The SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet switches are designed for use in PROFINET networks that also meet the special requirements of the process industry: NAMUR NE21-compliant, extended temperature range (-40°C to +70°C), conformal coating, installation elevation up to 4000 m and use in hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 2).

The following Industrial Ethernet switches are suitable for use with SIMATIC PCS 7 systems and PROFINET on the field level:

  • SCALANCE XF204-2BA for flexible network configuration (electrical or optical) using various BusAdapters

  • SCALANCE XF204-2BA DNA (Y-Switch) for connecting PROFINET S2 devices to a redundant controller (AS) as an R1 system; BusAdapters support a flexible network structure

  • SCALANCE XC-200EEC for
    - Use as a so-called service bridge for protected access from the system bus to the fieldbus
    - Configuration of structured networks in the field, e.g. ring or star structures
    - Electrical or optical connection of multiple PROFINET devices (various product versions available)

  • SCALANCE XP-200EEC for applications with IP65 degree of protection in flat design, for powering PoE-capable terminal devices such as IP cameras (gigabit-capable)


  • Highest availability through establishment of redundant networks with S2 devices (device-side)

  • Designed for rugged deployment in the process industry

  • Integrated system diagnostics with PROFINET

  • High flexibility through the use of BusAdapters or product variants with different port versions

  • Space saving due to flat design (SCALANCE XF-200BA / XP-200)