PLUGs for Network Components

More functions for SCALANCE X, W, S, M and CPs


Using the C-PLUG, KEY-PLUG or SCALANCE CLP removable data storage media, you can perform device replacement easily and without any special knowledge in the event of a fault.


The C-PLUG automatically saves configuration and/or engineering data. It thus enables, for example, the quick and easy exchange of defective devices. C-PLUGs ar available for the following SCALANCE devices:


The KEY-PLUG contains all functions of the C-PLUG and also enables specific functions in SCALANCE devices:


The SCALANCE CLP removable storage medium is used to automatically back up configuration or project data. This enables fast and simple device replacement in the case of a fault, for example. SCALANCE CLPs can be used for the SCALANCE W1788 Access Point.


  • Fast and simple replacement of SCALANCE devices and CPs without configuration of the replacement part

  • Functional expansions of SCALANCE network components without device replacement

  • Minimization of downtimes when errors occur

  • No specialized personnel required for device replacement