SCALANCE X – Industrial Ethernet Switches

The basis for high-performance data networks

Equipped for all ambient conditions – in our Industrial Ethernet switches portfolio, you are sure to find the right switch for your application: devices with copper or fiber-optic ports, for the control cabinet or for use in harsh environments, at data rates of up to 10 Gbps.

This gives you flexibility in designing the network topology: from redundant setup and minimization of downtimes, through integrated and reliable segmentation across all levels to barrier-free connection to cloud-based systems.

Siemens offers you all this from a single source: an integrated range of products and systems for automation in all areas – from incoming goods, through the production process to the dispatch of goods, from the machine and aggregation level, through the industrial backbone to connection to the enterprise network.

Redundant Network Access

redundant network access

Leverage all of the advantages of redundant network structures without any data transfer delay: thanks to Redundant Network Access.

  • 19" rack switches

    The SCALANCE XR-100WG and SCALANCE XR-300WG work group switches complete the rack switches portfolio.

  • Use existing infrastructures

    Industrial Ethernet stations can be connected via existing 2-, 4- or 8-wire lines using SCALANCE XF-200BA switches and bus adapters.

    SCALANCE XF-200BA DNA (Y-Switch)

    A switch for every scenario: SCALANCE XC-200 managed Industrial Ethernet switches for general use.


    Discover the robust, managed SCALANCE XP-200 Switches with metal housings (IP65/67).

  • scalance xc 100


    You can find more information on the new unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches SCALANCE XC-100 here.

  • scalance xb 200


    Discover our new managed switches of the SCALANCE XB-200 product line.

  • xm400 nfc

    Maximum performance to meet the highest demands

    Mobile network diagnostics, networking during operation, and enhancements without the need for tools: The iF Design award winner SCALANCE XM-400 ensures maximum flexibility for your automation network.

    SCALANCE XM-400 managed
  • Redundant, high-performing, secure

    Production plant network restructured from Siemens own product range. Learn more about implementing additional redundancy.

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  • aubrugg

    SINEMA ensures district heating supply

    Better availability and greater supply reliability: With the SINEMA server and SCALANCE X. Learn more about the optimization of the cogeneration plant Aubrugg.

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  • aquedetto

    Centralized monitoring for large-scale plants

    Find out how the Italian water utilities company Acquedetto Pugliese modernized its supply infrastructure for the challenges of the future with help of our network hardware.

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  • suedzucker

    Industrial Ethernet switches set the course

    Read about how our SCALANCE X-500 and X-300 switches helped Beneo-Palatinit GmbH successfully set up its system migration at the process control level.

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