POF and PCF Fiber-Optic Cables

For optical network structures, but short distances


For configuring optical networks, glass fiber-optic cables are used for long distances, while plastic fiber-optic cables made from light-conducting plastics (POF) or plastic-coated glass fibers (PCF) are used for short distances.

Simple fiber-optic cabling directly at the machine is implemented using the SC RJ connection system for Polymer Optic Fiber and Polymer Cladded Fiber.

In order to ensure high availability, the cables are monitored during commissioning and runtime for any attenuation resulting from material aging.

Termination Kits available for different applications:

  • FC FO Termination Kit (PCF)

  • FC FO Termination Kit (POF)


POF Fiber-optic Cables up to 50 m in length

Line type


POF Standard Cable GP 980/1000


POF Trailing Cable 980/1000


PCF Fiber-optic Cables up to 100m in length

Line type


PCF Standard Cable GP 200/230


PCF Trailing Cable 200/230


PCF Trailing Cable GP 200/230



  • Duplex cable for networks indoors and outdoors

  • Electrical isolation of PROFINET/Ethernet devices

  • Protection of the transmission route against electromagnetic interference


The SC RJ connectors can be assembled especially quickly and simply on-site.

They are standardized for PROFINET so that devices of various manufacturers can be connected with each other.

The Termination Kits are special assembly cases for easy on-site assembly of ST/BFOC or LC connectors to FC FO cables and contain, for example, stripping tool, Kevlar shears, fiber cleaving tool and microscope (depending on the particular application).