Industrial Ethernet FastConnect M12 Plugs PRO 4x2

M12 cabling system for tough industrial applications


FastConnect (FC) plug-in connectors (X-coded, Cat6 A) that can be assembled in the field for transmission of data (10/100/1000/10000 Mbps) between Industrial Ethernet nodes with IP65/IP67 degree of protection.


Industrial Ethernet FC M12 Plug PRO 4x2

  • Industrial Ethernet M12 plug-in connectors that can be assembled in the field for on-site installation for SCALANCE W

  • Easy connection (insulation displacement contacts) for 8-core twisted pair FastConnect installation cables (10/100/1000/10000 Mbps) without the need for special tools

  • Fault-proof connection method thanks to visible contacting area and color-coded insulation piercing connecting devices

  • Industry-compatible design (rugged metal enclosure)

  • Connector can be used with rigid and flexible cores

Industrial Ethernet panel feedthrough

Use this control cabinet feedthrough to implement the conversion from M12 connection method (D-coded, IP65/IP67) to RJ45 connection method (IP20).

Industrial Ethernet Panel Feedthrough PRO

Use this control cabinet feedthrough to couple M12 plug-in connectors (D-coded, IP65/IP67). It can be used as control cabinet feedthrough or for connection of two M12 plug-in connectors outside the control cabinet.


  • Reliable shield attachment and strain relief are integrated

  • Harmonized system made up of Industrial Ethernet FastConnect plug-in connectors and an extensive range of FastConnect cables with corresponding UL approvals and PROFINET compliance