FastConnect glass fiber-optic cable for PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet

As an addition to simple FO connector on-site assembly


The new FastConnect FO system enables on-site assembly of glass fiber-optic cables without having to use the conventional and elaborate adhesive techniques for glass FO connectors.


The FastConnect FO system can be used on all PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET components with glass FOC ports (wavelength 1300 nm, 850 nm).

The FastConnect FO system consists of the following components:

  • FastConnect FO cables with 62.5/200/230 µm multimode fibers

  • FastConnect FO connectors and couplers, for field assembly (ST/BFOC)

  • FastConnect FO Termination Kit for ST/BFOC plugs incl. comprehensive assembly instructions

Termination Kits available for a wide range of applications:

  • FC FO Termination Kit (ST/BFOC)

  • FC FO Termination Kit (LC)


The new fiber construction (62.5/200/230) enables FastConnect FOC fibers to be handled in the same way as conventional PCF fibers (Polymer Cladded Fibers). This combines the benefits of glass FOCs (long distances, temperature consistency) and the assembly advantages of PCF fibers.


The new FastConnect cables permit glass FOC lines up to a length of 3 km (100 Mbps Industrial Ethernet, PROFIBUS) to be assembled on site. The overall line length can comprise up to three sub-segments (two coupling links) (mean damping of a coupling link approx. 2.5 dB). It is also possible to combine existing installed, conventional 62.5/125 µm multimode glass fiber-optic cable sections with the new FastConnect fiber-optic cables.

Users can easily assemble their glass FOC lines on site in the required length for any application. It is therefore also easy to repair installed FastConnect FO lines and without the need for special service personnel.

The Termination Kits are special assembly cases for easy on-site assembly of ST/BFOC or LC connectors to FC FO cables and contain, for example, stripping tool, Kevlar shears, fiber cleaving tool and microscope (depending on the particular application).