Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 Plug 4x2 and IE RJ45 Port Lock

Simplest connection method for Industrial Ethernet with eight-core RJ45 Plugs


The compact and rugged design of the Cat6A-Plug-in connector (for up to 10 gigabit) enables the use of this FastConnect RJ45 Plug in the industrial environment and for office equipment.

The Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 Plug 4x2 permits quick and easy installation of the Industrial Ethernet FastConnect installation cables 4x2 (8-core twisted pair AWG24 cables) in the field.


  • Industry-compatible design (rugged metal housing, no easily lost small parts)

  • Excellent EMI shielding and deflection (metal housing)

  • Integrated strain-relief for installation cables

  • Compatible with the EN 50173 (RJ45) / ISO IEC 11801 standard

  • Connector can be used with rigid and flexible cores

Physical network access protection:

The IE RJ45 Port Lock enables mechanical locking of RJ45 ports at terminal devices or network components and thus prevents network access by unauthorized persons.


  • Implementation of direct device connections of up to 100 m with Industrial Ethernet FastConnect installation cable 4x2 without using patch technology

  • Easy connection (insulation displacement contacts) for 8-core twisted pair installation cables (10/100/1000/10000 Mbps) without the need for special tools

  • Error-prevention connection system thanks to visible connection area as well as color-coded insulation displacement contacts


  • Ideal solution for installation of RJ45 plug connectors in the field

  • Time-saving, error-free installation due to FastConnect system

  • Interference-resistant RJ45 plug connector with rugged metal housing

  • Reliable shield contact and strain relief are integrated

  • Color-coding in contact area prevents errors

  • Coordinated system comprising Industrial Ethernet FastConnect plug-in connectors and an extensive range of FastConnect cables with corresponding UL approvals

  • The IE RJ45 Port Lock completely occupies the RJ45 port and therefore prevents plugging of RJ45 cables. The integrated lock can only be removed with a special key and increases security.