Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 Plugs 2x2 (IP20 and IP65/67)

RJ45 cabling system as the established standard for Industrial Ethernet


FastConnect RJ45 plug-in connector, immune to interference; thanks to its rugged metal enclosure, the ideal solution for assembling RJ45 plug-in connectors on 4-core FastConnect Twisted Pair installation cables in the field area (PROFINET-compatible). Time-saving, error-free installation due to FastConnect system.


  • Industry-compatible design (rugged metal enclosure, parts can’t be lost)

  • Excellent EMC shielding and deflection (metal enclosure)

  • Additional strain and bending relief of plug connector possible through latching of plug on device enclosure, e.g. with SCALANCE X, SCALANCE S, ET 200SP

  • Compatible with the EN 50173 (RJ45) / ISO IEC 11801 standard

  • Connector can be used with rigid and flexible cores

Industrial Ethernet FC RJ45 Plugs are available in:

  • IP20 (With 180°, 145° and 90° (angled) cable outlet)

  • IP65/67:
          - IE FC RJ45 Plug PRO (with push-pull mechanism)
          - IE RJ45 Coupler PRO

  • IE RJ45 Port Lock

RJ45 plug-in connector with push-pull mechanism:

The IE FC RJ45 Plug PRO is a connector suitable for on-site assembly in the field for SCALANCE X-200IRT PRO switches, ET 200pro and SIMATIC RF systems. The connector on the device makes contact via a push-pull mechanism.

Connection element for cable Extension:

The IE RJ45 Coupler PRO is a rugged connection element with metal enclosure for cable extension or for transition from fixed cables to moving plant components.

Physical network access protection:

The IE RJ45 Port Lock enables mechanical locking of RJ45 ports at terminals or network components and thus prevents network access by unauthorized persons.


  • Implementation of direct device connections of up to 100 m with Industrial Ethernet FastConnect
    installation cable 2 x 2 without using patch technology

  • Easy connection (insulation displacement contacts) for 4-core Twisted Pair installation cables (100 Mbps) without the need for special tools

  • Error-minimizing connection technique thanks to visible connection area as well as colored insulation displacement termination

  • The IE FC RJ45 Plug PRO connector with push-pull device connection is available with a high degree of protection (IP65/67). It can be used in combination with the corresponding terminals and network components in a high degree of protection in plants without control cabinets. The silicone-free design makes it possible to use it in the automotive industry.


  • Ideal solution for installation of RJ45 plug-in connectors in the field

  • Time-saving, error-free installation due to FastConnect system

  • Harmonized system made up of Industrial Ethernet FastConnect plug-in connectors and an extensive range of FastConnect cables with corresponding UL approvals and PROFINET conformity

  • The IE RJ45 Port Lock completely occupies the RJ45 port and therefore prevents RJ45 cables from being plugged in. The integrated lock can only be removed with a special key and increases security.

  • The IE FC RJ45 Plug PRO connector with push-pull mechanism consists of a rugged plastic enclosure which protects it from dust and makes it splash proof.