Industrial Ethernet FastConnect Outlets RJ45

RJ45 cabling system as the established standard for Industrial Ethernet


It is used as a transition from the rugged Industrial Ethernet FastConnect cables used in the industrial environment to prefabricated patch cables (10/100 Mbps) using an RJ45 socket.


By connecting several IE FC Outlet RJ45 devices in series, a patch field can be constructed with the required connection density (e.g. 16 outlets over 19" width).


  • Easy integration of network components or terminals in the interference-proof Industrial Ethernet FastConnect cabling system. Time-saving and error-free installation thanks to FastConnect cables and pre-assembled TP Cords (10/100 Mbps)

  • Noise-resistant due to rugged metal enclosure

  • Flexible mounting (DIN rail, direct mounting)

  • Reliable shield contact and strain relief thanks to bolt-on cover

  • Color marking prevents errors