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Ready to use - SIMATIC Field PG in a typical service mission

Thanks to the semi-ruggedized design, the SIMATIC Field PG is especially suitable for use in harsh industrial environments: From engineering of a plant in an office-like environment to testing and servicing close to a machine, all the way to maintenance jobs on the factory floor, everything is possible.

8:30 am – preparations for the project

Early in the morning Michael is preparing his service assignment: in the office he connects his SIMATIC Field PG to several monitors. With TIA Portal program changes, control system and machines can be simulated and set up in a virtual environment beforehand. This can help to identify problems early and reduce service times.

10:45 am – on the way for a mission

Let’s go: Thanks to the practical backpack the SIMATIC Field PG is perfectly prepared. Its size allows the transportation of several tools and connection cables, so that they are protected against a harsh environment.

10:55 am – arrival at site

The service assignment begins with the arrival at the facility or machine. Thanks to the latest hardware, integrated automation interface and pre-installed software Michael is well equipped with the SIMATIC Field PG.

11:00 am – ready-to-run

SIMATIC Field PG is immediately ready-to-run. Due to the pre-installed and system-tested engineering software TIA Portal, SIMATIC Field PG allows a quick and efficient commissioning, service and maintenance.

12.30 pm – flexible connection to automation

Michael connects directly to the machine via PROFINET interfaces. Alternatively also WLAN, Bluetooth and PROFIBUS interfaces are available. Direct programming of SIMATIC memory cards is also possible.

03.40 pm – mobile and robust

The long battery life allows him to work in the plant without the necessity of a power outlet. The lightweight magnesium casing of SIMATIC Field PG is so solid that it withstands shocks, vibrations and electromagnetic radiation near machines.

04:45 pm – service assignment finished

Rubber-buffered corners protect SIMATIC Field PG during transportation. Thanks to the stable carrying handle it fits perfectly for mobile use like service assignments – and now have a nice evening.
Thank you Michael!