To remain competitive is a daily challenge for companies in the 21st century. One way to manage this is to optimize the operational processes by employing the latest technology. A key element is the automatic identification by radio or via optical code. more
How can companies assert themselves in an environment of increasingly intense competition? By producing at lower costs or by delivering unique products. More and more companies are now combining both strategies to succeed on the market with customized products at comparable prices. more
The use of industrial identification systems in the handling and management of tools results in numerous benefits to machine tool operators: The quick, reliable and clear identification of tools eliminates error sources during the capture of the tool data and its transmission to the machine control, which saves time and costs. more
Today, object recognition is a standard task in automation and indispensable in a modern production facility. Siemens offers components and technologies for object recognition that take into account the impact of the industrial production environment and the material characteristics of the products as well as special applications. more
To ascertain the zero point of a workpiece with a high degree of accuracy, touch-trigger probes combined with Sinumerik measuring cycles are the first choice. For smooth, efficient series production, cameras offer a quicker, albeit slightly less precise, alternative. more