HF Range: ISO 15693 Transponders


The range of ISO 15693 compliant Siemens transponder products is especially varied. These products are compatible to the Simatic RF300 systems in ISO mode, as well as to the new, very compact RFID system Simatic RF200.

Area of application

Notable, among other things, are the so-called screw tags (e.g. MDS D425/D428) with up to 2000 bytes FRAM user memory, which can, for example, be fastened with screws to metal, also automated using robots. Leading automotive manufacturers use this system to identify different engine and transmission versions during production.

The mobile data memory MDS D422 can be screw fastened flush to metal using a male thread. As a result it is protected against mechanical influences in harsh industrial operation.

The MDS D421 is small, can be positioned precisely and custom tailored for tool coding IAW DIN 69873 in tool change systems and tool change magazines.

The ATEX specified ISO transponders D139 and D339 meet highest requirements, such as temperatures of up to 220°C and high chemical resistance - such as are applicable, for example, in the painting process in the automotive industry. Memory capacity.

The robust, button-sized transponder MDS D160 is temperature-resistant up to 175°C and is used primarily in washing logistics and conveying systems for occupational clothing.