SIMATIC RF Transponders and Labels

Each RFID system requires transponders that are custom tailored to the individual requirements of the application. Technical properties, such as read range, are decisive, in addition to ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity. Siemens offers a comprehensive transponder portfolio that can be adapted to every application.

HF Range: ISO 15693 Transponders

The range of ISO 15693 compliant Siemens transponder products is especially varied. These products are compatible to the Simatic RF300 systems in ISO mode, as well as to the new, very compact RFID system Simatic RF200.

HF Range: RF300 Transponders

Simatic RF300 is still the fastest RFID system on the market with a read and write data transmission rate of up to 7.8 Kbps. The high speed means it is ideally suited for production automation, in which short cycle times are required and large amounts of data have to transmitted. The memory capacity is sufficiently large with up to 64 kilobyte

UHF Range Transponders

Originally developed for logistics applications, RFID solutions in the UHF (ultra-high frequency) range (according to EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 or ISO 18000-6C standard) have long since become an established feature in harsh industrial environments. The extremely large range of up to 8 meters is a decisive advantage. UHF RFID-systems are bulk capable and can read several transponders at the same time.

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