Taking RFID to the Next Level

Pure transparency. Sophisticated technology. Completely new opportunities. With SIMATIC RF600, the broad spectrum of the latest UHF technology is brought within reach. The system records tags with absolute reliability – from the receipt of goods to their departure. You can integrate it into your existing automation and IT without any problems. Planning, commissioning and subsequent use are just as easy. Enjoy absolutely reliable tracking and tracing. Manage your assets more transparently than ever. And take a huge step forward – with SIMATIC RF600!

New in the cloud – SIMATIC RF600 supplies data to MindSphere

SIMATIC RF600 New Generation – Well-Thought-Out Devices with Cutting-Edge Technology

What makes the latest generation of our RFID RF600 devices stand out? The highest quality. The most up-to-date technology. And an intelligent concept. Our three new RF600 devices are customized precisely to your needs: The well-priced basic device is particularly suitable for logistics applications. Our solution with an integrated PROFINET interface was specially developed for automation environments. And the high-end solution with a variable-polarization antenna makes even highly complex applications transparent and traceable.

RF615R – particularly compact UHF-RFID reader

The new read-write devices of the SIMATIC RF600 ultra-high frequency (UHF) family are notable for their exceptionally compact design. The reader comes with an internal, circularly polarized antenna and an additional external antenna connection. Using the connection for the additional external antenna, it is possible to set up a cost-efficient small-scale RFID gate. Thanks to the circularly polarized antenna, the mounting position can be adapted individually to the conditions on site. The modern design of SIMATIC RF615R is evident in the LED status display, which encircles the housing for good visibility from all sides. The reader is used primarily in mechanical and plant engineering, as well as in conveyor technology, where compact dimensions and short read ranges of up to one meter are required. Due to its high protection rating of IP67, SIMATIC RF615R can also be used in harsh industrial environments.

  • Particularly compact design at 133 x 155 x 45 mm

  • Internal, circularly polarized antenna and an additional external antenna connection

  • Proven “UHF for Industry” algorithms

  • Cloud connection via OPC UA interface and Industrial IoT gateway, for example Ruggedcom RX1400 with CloudConnect

RF650R – efficiency for logistics applications

RF650R is a well-priced basic device that is particularly suitable for use in logistics. It stands out thanks to its:

  • Economy
    You can connect up to four external antennas to the well-priced RF650R basic device. This enables efficient implementation of extensive systems, i.e. in distribution warehouses.

  • IT Integration
    Thanks to the integrated RJ45 Ethernet interface and XML protocol, the RF650R can be quickly and easily integrated into existing IT environments.

RF680R – the system for automation environments

Rely on a system that is extremely flexible and adaptable. The RF680R’s impressive features include the following:

  • Diagnosis On-Location
    The extended LED display of the RF680R displays all important information, and the second PROFINET interface saves on additional adapters or Switches.

  • Integration into Automation and IT
    Thanks to the integrated PROFINET interface, RF680R devices can be connected without additional interface modules. This means that you remain flexible in terms of plant engineering.

RF685R - optimized solution for the most demanding applications

Reliable operation even in the most demanding environment. Major highlights of the RF685R include:

  • Integrated Antenna
    The antenna in the RF685R provides for variable polarization. In other words: You have greater freedom in project planning. Since the antenna can also adapt automatically, its reliability increases in operational use, i.e. when reading and writing tags.

  • High-Quality Radio Chip
    This interacts optimally with the integrated, adaptive antenna. It also reduces the effort for system planning and implementation.

RF650A – powerful in logistics applications

Combined with the reader Rf650R the new antenna SIMATIC RF650A provides a cost effective system for logistics applications.

  • High degree of protection (IP65)

  • Compact diemensions (198 x 198 x 60 cm)

  • Frequency range 865-928 MHz

  • Compatible with read/write devices SIMATIC RF650R, RF680R and RF685R

RF680A – for demanding wireless environments

The new adaptive high-end antenna SIMATIC RF680A achieves the highest read rates even in demanding wireless environments.

The antenna SIMATIC RF680A allows a simplified project planning since in the planning phase the polarization of the antenna no longer needs to be taken into account. In addition to this reliable identification is ensured even in demanding wireless environments. A further plus: The large integrated LED display that allows fast and detailed diagnostics of the acquisition and error status per antenna.

  • Fast configuration due to automatic detection of the antenna

  • Automatic polarization adaptation

  • Large integrated LED display

  • High degree of protection (IP65) and compact dimensions (198 x 198 x 60 cm)

  • Frequency range 865-928 MHz

  • Compatible with read/write devices SIMATIC RF650R, RF680R und RF685R

RF615A – highly compact antenna with linear polarization

The SIMATIC RF615A antenna for the Siemens UHF (Ultra High Frequency) system SIMATIC RF600 features a particularly compact design and is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications across the fields of production and logistics. It can be mounted either on metallic or non-metallic surfaces. Its linear polarization helps to reduce the impact of reflections and overreach. The SIMATIC RF615A is connected to RF600 readers by a pre-assembled globally available antenna connecting cable.

  • compact design (52 x 52 x 16 mm)

  • linear polarization

  • high degree of protection IP67

  • read/write range of up to 1.3 meters