SIMATIC RF300 level up



Whether for tracking and tracing or asset management, SIMATIC RF300 ensures maximum production control efficiency. With its high-speed data acquisition, it enables reduced cycle times and increased productivity. SIMATIC RF300 offers you a high-performance RFID system for meeting high demands in terms of speed, data volume and diagnostic functionality. The three new readers are fully compatible with the existing product family – mechanically, electrically and with regard to system integration. In addition to the proven qualities of their predecessors, they offer many groundbreaking features and functions.



Write/Read Distance

up to 0.2 m


13.56 MHz


ISO 15693, MIFARE classic (ISO 14443 A)

Highlights of the new SIMATIC RF300 Reader Generation

More reliable: high process safety and reduced downtime

  • Convenient set-up assistance for determining the optimal antenna position, particularly in metal environments

  • Optimized robustness against HF interference

  • RGB LED light controllers for easy diagnostic visualization

More straightforward: simplified retooling and storage

  • For migration from the legacy system MOBY I, only a reader and transponder exchange is needed

  • Additional transponder protocol for easy expansion / migration from MOBY E systems

  • Automatic recognition of every type of transponder

More convenient: fast, easy system integration

  • Integral element of Totally Integrated Automation

  • Compact component dimensions

More efficient: faster programming and commissioning

  • Integration with SIMATIC STEP 7 engineering systems and the TIA Portal via SIMATIC Ident



Depending on the performance demands, the identification system is available in two system variants:

  • Standard and universally applied ISO 15693 transponders for simple and more demanding

  • Only for SIMATIC RF300 compatible high-performance transponders with very high reading speed and large memory


  • Identification tasks for material flow control in industrial production

  • Track-guided conveyor systems in machine construction

  • Main and auxiliary assembly lines in the automotive and electric appliances industries

  • Painting lines in the automotive industry

  • Electric monorail systems

SIMATIC RF300: Benefits

  • Rugged, compact components featuring a high degree of protection (up to IP 68)

  • Interference-proof data communication with high data security

  • Maintenance-free data storage units up to 64 KB memory with additional one-time programmable data area (OTP) up to 20 bytes; the use of low-cost ISO 15693 transponders also possible

  • Very fast data transmission between reader/writer and tag (up to 8000 Byte/s)

  • Comprehensive status and diagnostics functions

  • Easy integration with SIMATIC, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP