Highly efficient integration

Communication modules with interfaces for all requirements

Whether in production or logistics, communication modules allow you to connect our SIMATIC Ident systems (radio frequency identification [RFID] and optical identification systems) to SIMATIC controllers, PC-based systems, or controllers from third-party suppliers. The new RF18xC/CI communication modules even support RFID-based digitalization solutions in industrial automation, thus paving the way for connecting HF RFID systems to the cloud. As part of TIA, the communication modules can be efficiently integrated in the SIMATIC world.

Integration in TIA Portal enables simple parameterization and provides for fail-safe planning. Standard function blocks, also integrated in TIA Portal, ensure that existing Ident applications are operational immediately, even if you change readers.

Highlights of the new SIMATIC RF18xC family

Extremely convenient, thanks to fast commissioning and simple programming

  • Access to configuration, commissioning, and diagnostic tools via TIA Portal and web-based management, for flexible visualization and reduced engineering effort

  • Modular systems integration for PROFINET using standard function blocks

  • Programming is compatible with predecessor communication modules

  • Configuration via RFID technology object in TIA Portal

Extremely powerful, thanks to high-performance CPU

  • Parallel processing of four RF300 readers without a loss in speed

  • Data throughput increased by up to 20%, depending on the application

  • Parallel data handling by means of a controller and OPC UA

Extremely reliable, thanks to fast fault analysis

  • Status request during ongoing operation – including request for logbook data – reduces downtimes

  • Fast and powerful fault analysis for sporadic events without modifying the PLC program

  • Execution of reader functions without an application

  • Access from any PC with a browser without software installation or updates

Extremely efficient, thanks to differentiated connection versions

  • Models designed for connecting one, two, or four readers for tailored configuration

  • With two connections each for Ethernet and power supply, the new devices support both star and line topologies as well as ring topology

  • Standardized L-coded M12 connectors for the power supply allow a high transmission current of up to 16 amperes in line topologies

  • Option of connecting various IO-Link hubs or a standard sensor or actuator on the basis of the integrated IO-Link master

Ready for the future, thanks to OPC UA

  • Communication via the OPC UA AutoID Companion Specification V1.0 data model

  • Vendor-independent communication within the automation

  • Standardized connection to cloud applications, such as MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens

  • Connection to cloud applications via an Industrial IoT gateway, for example RUGGEDCOM RX1400 with CloudConnect

  • Cloud communication in parallel to controller operation paves the way for connecting HF RFID systems such as SIMATIC RF200 and RF300 to the cloud, permitting operational resources such as containers and pallets, that previously could not be mapped digitally, to now be identified and tracked

Communication modules at a glance

Versions with different interfaces are available for optimally integrating the SIMATIC Ident systems in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). The communication modules are ideal for use in all areas of automation. Their particularly compact design and high degree of protection enables the devices to be used in harsh industrial environments and wherever space is restricted.



  • SIMATIC RF170C for distributed SIMATIC ET 200pro

  • SIMATIC RF120C for SIMATIC S7-1200

  • ASM 475 for SIMATIC S7-300 and ET 200M

Areas of application

  • Machine building and systems engineering, automation systems, conveyor technology

  • Ancillary assembly lines in the automotive industry / suppliers

  • Small assembly lines

  • Production machines

System benefits

  • Various connector concepts (M12, RJ45, push-pull, or ECOFAST) for flexible application connection

  • Comprehensive diagnostic functions for fast fault detection

  • Modular systems integration with standard function blocks

  • Simple connection, thanks to support of Ident profile (PNO)

  • Access to configuration, commissioning, and diagnostic tools via TIA Portal using an “Ident” technology object

  • Seamless integration from the field level to the cloud-based, open IoT operating system MindSphere