Greater Visibility, Better Control – with SIMATIC RF

Siemens RFID systems open up new possibilities by making your entire production and supply chain visible. You can monitor your material flows at all times. You know exactly what is where and when, you can plan efficiently, and you can modulate your processes precisely.

We offer you the right solution for your industry and your field of application. For the mid-range and compact environment, high-frequency solutions (HF RFID) are suitable. Our modern systems in the ultra-high-frequency band (UHF RFID) stand out thanks to their considerable ranges, high read speeds and the opportunity for bulk reading. Expand your knowledge – with RFID from Siemens.


Maximum control: SIMATIC RF1000 is the RFID-based solution for easy and flexible access control of machinery and equipment.


Compact but impressive. This series, with its perfect price-performance ratio, features a cost-effective HF reader for the medium range. It’s brilliant for intralogistics or small assembly lines.



Flexible and powerful: high-performance RFID systems in the HF range for reliably controlling production and material flows – scalable, maintenance-free and robust. And innovated with new readers.


UHF at the highest level. Get a cutting edge with completely reliable, easy to use technology. SIMATIC RF600 fits seamlessly into your automation and IT landscape and simplifies planning.

Communication Modules

Works without fail – anytime, anywhere. Our communication modules guarantee the right connection whatever the RFID or code reading system, from a SIMATIC controller to a PC or controllers from other providers. Fast and reliable. Period.


Establishing a stable base. High-quality RFID SIMATIC transponders offer you the right solution for your specific field of use. And they’re robust, reliable and come equipped with a storage capacity to fit your needs.

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