Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

"Text-Genius" and "Text-Genius Plus" OCR License for SIMATIC MV440


With the "Text-Genius" and "Text-Genius Plus" OCR licenses, SIMATIC MV440 can also be used for text recognition in addition to reading 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes. It is also possible to read and compare plain text and machine-readable codes in the same image field.

Application areas of OCR include the pharmaceuticals industry (serialization/expiry date on packaging), the automobile/electronics industry (e.g. production number on PCBs), the solar industry (serial numbers on thin-layer modules), or food and beverages industry (e.g. best-before date on packaging).


The "Text-Genius" OCR license permits flexible reading of many different fonts without complex learning procedures. To achieve stable read results for text recognition, it is only necessary to set a few, simple parameters.

The following fonts are particularly suitable:

  • OCR-A and OCR-B

  • Semifont M13

  • Arial and similar fonts

  • The entire ASCII character set

Text-Genius Plus

"Text-Genius Plus" comprises all functions of "Text-Genius" and additionally enables training of further fonts and characters, including special characters and graphic symbols.

Particularly worth mentioning is the simple and self-explanatory character training using thumbnails. Minimum training requirements are the result of the convenient algorithm provided by "Text-Genius". It is only necessary to train characters with a poor recognition rate or print images which can change greatly.


  • Flexible reading of many fonts without time-consuming teach-in

  • Fast and reliable reading (up to 1000 reads per minute) for high-speed applications

  • Reading and comparison of plain text and machine-readable 1D/2D codes in the same image field.

  • Automatic text localization without the use of predefined areas means that text can be read even when its position varies

  • Automatic line detection for max. five freely definable image regions with max. 15 lines each

  • Flexible reading of characters between 15 and 55 pixels in height

  • Individual parameter settings for max. five freely definable image regions

  • Reading of mirrored, rotated and inverted text

  • A number of filter and comparison functions produce a stable read result

  • Flexible re-installation of the license on the device using the Automation License Manager of SIMATIC

  • Simple integration in the automation environment, e.g. via function block of the SIMATIC MV440

  • Simple integration of the function "Text recognition" in the automatic startup of a production line using function blocks for SIMATIC and SIMOTION as well as with TIA Portal library elements (see SIMATIC MV440)

  • Simple integration of the function "Text recognition" in PC-based applications using TCP and HTTP commands and HTML output


The license is supplied as a "Single License" on a USB stick and can be copied to the device with the SIMATIC Automation License Manager (ALM) using a plug-in. The "Text-Genius" license is executable on a SIMATIC MV440 from Firmware version 3.0, the "Text-Genius Plus" license from Firmware version 5.0.