WinCC OA Recipes


When a relatively large number of input/set point values need to be transferred from the control system to the peripheral devices, then a recipe management system can simplify this process significantly. WinCC OA Recipes provides a range of user-friendly functions that meet all the following requirements:

  • New recipes can be created at runtime or obsolete recipes deleted

  • The recipe type can be changed at runtime and the changes adopted in all recipes of this type

  • All essential operations are also available as CTRL functions and can therefore also be used in customized panels

  • In addition, recipes can be imported, exported and edited as CSV files (e.g. using Excel)

  • Online values from a process display can be saved in an existing or new recipe

  • There is no limit to the number of recipes for one recipe type

  • An automatic test is performed to check the validity of the recipe type and that all elements of the recipe are defined

  • Can be used also in distributed systems